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Company Overview

Elco cosmetics pvt. Ltd is a Cosmetics company based in Eastern India; we sell under the brand name of “ELCO”. The company was Established in the year 1967. The company initially started manufacturing cosmetics and selling it to the manufacturers in their own brand name. In 1972 the company ventured into the market with its own brand named “elco” and is now a very renowned product in the market.

In the everchanging world of Beauty & Cosmetics The company has been working systematically with the evolution of trendy colour patterns, themes, etc. Not only has Elco cosmetics kept pace with the fashion trends but has also acted as benchmark and trendsetter in the beauty & cosmetics industry Being in the cosmetics industry for more than 40 years, our team is firmly dedicated to provide the best service by offering a wide range of product lines which covers the most demanding requirements of today’s market.

Cosmetics offered by us stands by the international quality standards and offer a wide range of value based products. We manufacture products under the supervision of Qualified experts with the help of well developed Advance technologies. Elco cosmetics offer a wide range of cosmetics products ranging from varieties of Nail Enamels, Nail Polish Removers ,Perfumes ,Deodorants, Olive Oil,Lipstick, Lip balm , Room-Fresheners ,Talcum, Foundation Make Up ,Sindoor, Kajal, Eyeliner, Mascara, Glycerine, Rose Water to suite the diversity of our Indian culture.


Adopting a code of conduct which ensures care, honesty, Fairness, respect and commitment.Tirelessly working to narrow the gap between principle and practice, while making fun, passion and care part of our daily lives. We want to add goodness to our Customers lives.We are passionate about living by our Values and responding to the growing challenges of living in a consumer-oriented society that is also in harmony with the planet. Thus, we have adopted a Less Pollution & Strictly “No testing on Animals” Policy. We have a unique opportunity are Striving to touch the lives of millions of people to help them look good & Feel Good. Hence , “Beautifully Yours”!


Our mission and aim is that our products should be available within the reach of every human being at affordable price. Our R&D team is engaged in constant sampling and testing of new formulae which drives in-house innovation and helps in product evolution. Apart from assisting in new product development, the R&D department also maintains a close watch over production, assisted by the quality control team. Elco Cosmetics is dedicated to the highest quality of cosmetics, Skin Care products, nail polish, make up delivered with care, trust and understanding

why choose us

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    Customer Commitment:

    We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers’ lives.

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    We try and provide outstanding Quality Products and unparalleled service that deliver value to our customers through our products

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    Team Work:

    We work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers and help the company serve Better every time.

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    A Will to perform:

    We exhibit a strong will to win and perform in the marketplace and in every aspect of our Business.

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    We, The management our personally accountable for delivering on our commitments


Our Manufacturing Facility

Elco Cosmetics has set up its State of art manufacturing facility at Kolkata, West Bengal. The facility is GMP Based with a total area of over 12,000 sq. Ft. Elco Cosmetics has also made a strategic investment in this plant to transform it into a world-class manufacturing facility with new flexible production techniques, enhanced process efficiency methods and new Technologies.The transformation will not only increase the safety & Clean practices but also allow the plant to deliver cost competitive products for India as well as for the global markets.

Our plant layout and manufacturing methods are in line with the Drugs & Cosmetics Act, with modern in-house manufacturing facility to ensure highest quality standards, we utilize GMP in our manufacturing facility and conduct ongoing research and development in our own in-house lab.Adherence to these regulations assures the identity, quality, and purity of All Elco products since we adequately control our research and manufacturing operations with dedicated Chemists round the clock. This includes establishing strong, quality management systems, obtaining premiere-quality raw materials, establishing robust operating procedures, detecting and investigating product quality deviations, and maintaining reliable testing laboratories, to ensure Quality Products to our customers.